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What is CROSS?

Cross stands for “Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars”.  It consists of applying small amount but high concentration of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) directly to the center of the scars. 

What is the advantage of CROSS?

Chemical Reconstruction of  Skin Scars has the advantage of focusing thickening of the dermis and producing collagen in very small areas exactly where the scar depression is located. 

What is the recovery time for the Cross method?

Healing using CROSS is more rapid and has a lower complication rate that conventional full-face chemical peels.

How is the cross technique performed?

The CROSS technique is fairly simple to perform.  A high concentration of TCA is applied directly to the scar using a pointed wooden applicator and applying firm pressure.  Within 10 seconds the small skin area turns frosted.  There is minimal discomfort during the procedure.  There may be a small scab that forms over the next week and some mild redness may persist for a few weeks. 

How often is the procedure done?

The CROSS procedure is done three to six times on a monthly basis.

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